Monday, May 25, 2009

Mongolian Fashion Model Killed in Malaysia!

Fashion model Altantuya Shaariibuu, 28, was found dead in Selangor, Malaysia on Monday, according to a report in the Malaysian newspaper The Star. “The police believe she was shot twice in the head and her body blown into pieces. It is understood that C4 explosives, used in demolition work, were used to blow up her body in an effort to destroy evidence,” The Star reported.

A Malaysian political analyst, a man aged around 40, was arrested by the local police in his office in Ampang on charges of murder on Tuesday. “Whoever is involved will be brought to book regardless of his stature,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan. “I am also going to find out how and who authorized the issuance of the explosives used in the murder,” he said. The arrested man works for a private think-tank, which conducts research and prints publications on politics, economics, defense and international relations. The Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok has instructed its honorary consul in Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, to follow up on the case.

“Syed Abdul Rahman informed us about the murder of a woman believed to be our citizen. We don’t have much information regarding the case at this moment and are waiting for more details from him,” the embassy official told The Star.
Altantuya Shaariibuu went missing about three weeks ago. The Malaysian media report that information provided by her sister and cousin led to the arrest of three police officers – a chief inspector, a woman detective and a corporal of the local special force unit. Her sister and cousin lodged police reports when Altantuya did not return to her hotel, Hotel Malaya, on October 19.

Altantuya is said to have met the political analyst when he visited Mongolia about two years ago. Their relationship led to a baby born in Mongolia 16 months ago. She came to Malaysia to trace the man and to ask him for financial support for the baby’s medical treatment. She managed to find out where he lived but failed in her attempt to meet him until October 19 when she was said to have received a telephone call to meet him at his house. She was said to have called her sister and cousin when she had reached the analyst’s house.

After this and before she could enter the house, she was seized by several men, pushed into a car and driven away. Her sister and cousin, who last heard from her that night, became worried and sought the help of the Mongolian Embassy in Bangkok after they were told that there was no embassy in Malaysia.

However, when they called Bangkok they were referred to the honorary Mongolian consul. They managed to contact the consul-general who immediately helped them lodge reports at the Dang Wangi and Travers police stations. Malaysian Bernama news agency said on Wednesday that the magistrate’s court extended the remand order on two police officers and the political analyst in connection with the murder.

Altantuya married twice, had two kids

Murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu, whose bone fragments were believed to have been found in Shah Alam had been married twice and had two young children here.

A close family friend who declined to be named said Altantuya had a son from her first marriage to Maadai, a popular Mongolian singer from the Khar Sarnai (Black Rose) band which is famous for its American-style pop music.

The boy is about nine years old now, she said.

The family friend said Altantuya married Maadai in 1996 when she was 18. Maadai was then 22.

“They met in a party and she fell for him immediately. By then he was already a popular Mongolian singer. Women were crazy about him,” she said.

They were said to be a lovely couple and were regularly featured in newspapers and magazines as a model family.

“But their relationship only lasted two years. It took a turn for the worse after she bore him a child.”

She said Maadai was very popular and had to travel across Mongolia for concerts while Altantuya stayed home to look after the child.

“She complained that he neglected her and decided to have her own way. In one of their frequent quarrels, when Maadai returned home, he decided to end their marriage.”

The relationship ended with a bitter divorce in June 1998.

“The custody of their son was given to Altantuya. After the divorce, she moved back to her parents’ home with the child,” said the family friend.

But soon after her divorce, Altantuya, who was a socialite by then, married S. Khunikhuu, the son of a famous designer.

“Her second marriage did not last long. They divorced two years later without having any children,” she said.

She said Altantuya had another young child, about three years old now, following a relationship with another man after her failed marriages.

“I don’t know who he is but he is a Mongolian.”

She said both her children are living with her parents in a three-bedroom apartment in a 12-storey block at 34th Street here, an upmarket residential area behind the popular shopping zone in the city.

“Altantuya led a very colourful life with the Mongolian singer. She had celebrity status because she was the wife of the pop idol,” recalled D. Orlomkhorol, the director of Otgontenger University, a private education centre specialising in business and language studies.

She said Altantuya enrolled in her university in November 1996 but left school in January 1997.

“She was absent most of the time. She skipped classes and examinations. She never completed the course because she was pregnant.”

Opoccoo Puntzag, Altantuya’s biology teacher in High School 84 at the Bayazurkh district, said her former student went to Paris in 2000 and enrolled in a modelling school there after her divorce.

“She was there briefly and got a certificate for modelling.”

Opoccoo said she met Altantuya about a year ago when she came to the school to pick her mother up. (Altantuya's mother taught Russian in the same school as Opoccoo . Altantuya had also studied in the same school.)

“She seemed to be happy with her life and she spoke briefly about what she was doing. I also asked if she was modelling but she said she had never done any of that after completing her course,” she said.

S. Ouynaa, a close friend who went to school with her for an English course, said Altantuya was involved in the textile and clothing business and imported the items from China, after returning from Paris.

“I used to hear her say she travelled regularly to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan to do business there. She also boasted of having visited some of the best and top nightclubs there.

“She never told me that she had been to Malaysia or knew someone from there before,” she said.

Ouynaa added that Altantuya always wanted to be a successful model .

Altantuya had a mole on the right side of her upper lip and it was removed about five years ago.

“She had the birth mark removed to make her look more attractive,” she said.

She said Altantuya was also very fashion conscious and would always dress to kill even for a normal occasion.

Early life of Altantuyaa

Altantuyaa was born in 1978. Her parents raised her and her sister while they worked in Russia where Altantuyaa started first grade elementary school. She was reportedly fluent in Mongolian, Russian, Chinese and English.

Altantuyaa moved back to Mongolia in 1990 and a few years later, married a Mongolian techno singer, Maadai. They had a child in 1996 but the marriage ended in divorce and the child went to live with Altantuyaa's parents.

Despite training as a teacher, Altantuyaa briefly moved to France where she attended modeling school before returning to Mongolia.

Altantuyaa remarried and had another child in 2003 but the second marriage also ended in divorce. The second child also lives with Altantuyaa's parents. Her mother said she has never been a model.

Altantuya Modelling Pictures

By now I believe you have read in the news that a Mongolian model has been shot and blown to pieces in a gruesome murder. The model was nobody other than the 28-year-old Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Of course, we are interested to find out how the relevant authorities are going to bring the bad guys to justice, but apart from that we would like to have a closer look at this young Mongolian model too. A couple of days ago, The Star reported receiving an email containing a beautiful model’s pictures, who look very much like the stunning Altantuya! Today, my friend forwarded me exactly the email which I think being a busy-body, I must share with you all! Look how good am I

OMG, she’s so hot and beautiful! Are all Mongolian girls so beautiful and gorgeous? I am packing and on my way to the airport…

Wake up wake up… I think Altantuya’s father had earlier denied that these pictures are that of her daughter. I think I heard that on the news or something… not too sure. But anyway, you can ignore that and enoy the pictures now!